AKK VTX Parameter Guide

  • The SmartAudio protocol implementation has been updated to be fully compliant with the SmartAudio specification. First generation AKK  VTX devices have a bug in their SmartAudio protocol implementation, causing them to fail to work with the SmartAudio protocol as implemented by Betaflight 3.3 (and KISS / RaceFlight). In order to not leave the owners of these VTX devices stranded, a branch off the Betaflight 3.3 maintenance branch has been created with a fix for these devices in it. This branch will be updated for all 3.3 patch releases. If you own one of these first generation AKK  VTX devices and are affected by this bug, please go to this website to download a Betaflight 3.3 version that works with your VTX device. (Go back to this page to download the latest version whenever a new version of Betaflight 3.3 has been released.)
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