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AKK A1 released on April 12, 2016

AKK BS2 released on May 03, 2016 【Best seller】【TOP rated product】【Highly Recommend】

AKK S2 released on June 18, 2016   

AKK X1 released on on July 15, 2016 【Best seller】

AKK CA20 released on July,22 2016 【Best seller】【TOP rated product】

AKK X1P released on on August 18, 2016 【Best seller】

AKK A2 released on August,23  2016 



AKK KC02 released on February, 2017【TOP rated product】

AKK X2 which is an upgraded version of AKK X1 (listed on July, 2016). released on September 10, 2017 【Best seller】

AKK X2P which is an upgraded version of AKK X1P (listed on August, 2016) released on September 16, 2017 【Best seller】

AKK A5 AIO camera with vtx separate (series of A1,A2,A3) released on September 19, 2017

AKK Flight Controller F4 released on September 21, 2017

AKK FX2 ------ released on September 27, 2017 【Best seller】【TOP rated product】 【Highly Recommend】

AKK FX3 ------ released on October 16, 2017 【Best seller】【TOP rated product】  【Highly Recommend】

AKK IPEX/MMCX linear antenna released on October 17, 2017

AKK X5 ------ released on October 19, 2017

AKK nano1 the smallest vtx on the world ,factory price ------- released on November 02, 2017

AKK Nano2 the smallest FC UART supported vtx on the world ------akk nano2 released on November 15, 2017 【Best seller】【TOP rated product】 【Highly Recommend】

AKK EIO with all in one camera and DVR ----------released on November 28, 2017

AKK FX4 ----------released on Dec 19, 2017  【Best seller】

AKK BS2-OSD---------released on Dec 24, 2017, the picture quality on the top rated BS2 is definitely great 

AKK AIO-SA (AKK AIO- SA is the first AIO camera on the world with smart audio ) ------released on Dec 27, 2017

AKK A1-OSD --------released on Dec 27, 2017

AKK A3-OSD --------released on Dec 27, 2017 【Best seller】【TOP rated product】



AKK FX5(16*16/Built in OSD) --------released on Jan 5, 2018

LitisRC Cicada 180 Racing Drone/quadcopter basic Only $99 /advanced ------- released on Jan 20, 2018 

AKK XT60 Parallel Charging Board, AKK 1S Lipo Battery Charging Board ------- released on Jan 23, 2018

AKK NO.1 PDB Power Distribution Board ------- released on Jan 27, 2018

LitisRC Cicada PDB, AKK LitisRC Cicada CMOS Camera -------released on Jan 30, 2018 

LitisRC Cicada 180 Racing Drone RTF Version -------released on March 7, 2018

AKK X2-ultimate -------released on March 15, 2018  【Highly Recommend】

AKK FX2-ultimate ------released on March 18, 2018   【Highly Recommend】

AKK Nano3 --The first micro stackable vtx for runcam/foxeer micro with smart audio ---released on March 30, 2018  【Highly Recommend】

AKK FX2-ultimate US version----------------------- released on April 22, 2018 
AKK 1S LiPo/LiHV Battery Charge Board----------- released on April 28, 2018 
AKK FX2-ultimate-mini International version ----------------------- released on May 1, 2018 
AKK FX2-ultimate-mini US version----------------------- released on May 6, 2018 
AKK FX3-ultimate ------------------------ released on June 10, 2018   【Best seller】【TOP rated product】 【Highly Recommend】
AKK Infinite DVR VTX------------------------ released on July 24, 2018