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The Best Video Transmitter(VTX) for FPV Drone Plane by AKK

Saturday, July 18, 2020 2:15:07 AM America/Los_Angeles

best video transmitter

Video transmitter (VTX) plays a significant role in FPV, which is used to transmit video from FPV camera to FPV goggles or ground station. When it comes to which 5.8GHz video transmitter is the best video transmitter for FPV drone made by AKK, we can't answer exactly which one is since every FPV VTX is being carefully researched and developed. But here I still list the best 5.8Ghz VTX for drone planes according to reviews of FPV players, which is full-filled with the user's real experience and accurate features of FPV VTX.

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AKK X2 and FX2 FPV Video Transmitters By Jason Cole

Wednesday, May 23, 2018 7:11:06 PM America/Los_Angeles


Video Transmitters from AKK

AKK has some neat video transmitters out that are suitable for racing drones as well as airplanes and they feature an OSD and selectable power output. There are two versions available, the X2 and the FX2. The X2 is the traditional format suitable for airplanes and drones. The FX2 has 30.5mm mounting holes for placing it on your stack in a racing drone.

Both units feature Smart Audio support, OSD, microphones, a button to set frequency and power output. They have selectable power outputs of 25,200,600 and 1200mW. They can take an input voltage of 7-26V and there is a 5V out for powering your camera. Cost is around $26 and you can select your MMCX connector adapter to be SMA or RP-SMA. 

Check out the AKK X2 and FX2 FPV Video Transmitters Here.




 AKK X2 Contents

 AKK FX2 Contents

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