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FX3-Ultimate-DVR VTX

AKK FX3-Ultimate-DVR VTX for RC Drone Airplane Long Range(5.8G,25-1000mW, 2-6S, Smart Audio, MMCX)


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Comparing to recording video from your video receiver, DVR VTX has its own advantage. It provides us clear footage directly from the FPV camera, so it minimizes signal interference from 5.8GHz transmission. If you are finding an FPV VTX with DVR(digital video recorder), this one may be the right one!

Novel design FPV VTX. The design of this FPV VTX is different from other DVR VTXs. It has a double layer stacking structure, one for video transmission, one for DVR. It can be normal use though you remove the DVR board!

Onboard Microphone. Hearing is important when flying your quad since you can learn more about the drone situation through the audio feedback.

20x20 VTX. It has taken the Infinite DVR and cut the mounted size to only 20mm! You can mount it directly to your FC.

FX3-Ultimate-DVR VTX

Key features:

Smart audio support. This DVR VTX supports SmartAudio, and you can change VTX settings in Betaflight OSD, such as channels and output.

Easy to use.One button control frequency and power setup.

MMCX Adaptor. The weight, durability and cycle rating make MMCX connectors get greatly popular.

Wide voltage input. 7-28V input. The 2-6s battery is suitable for this DVR VTX.

5V output. This DVR VTX provides 5V output to your FPV camera.

25mW/200mW/600mW/1000mW power switchable.

AKK FX3-Ultimate-DVR VTX Table, please click here.


Customer Reviews (4)

Nice, DVR has a couple issues to fixReview by Ray
It's a quite nice VTX.
The DVR functionality would be much more useful if you could set it to record automatically. Currently, you have to get into your craft and press a tiny button to get it to start recording - but don't accidentally press the wrong tiny button. Would be better if you could choose for it to always record. Firmware update, AKK?

A next version could also have the SD card positioned differently, so you can get to it without unscrewing the VTX from your stack. In this version, you have to choose between being able to see the LEDs that show your band and channel (LEDs up, SD card unreachable), or being able to get to the SD card (SD card up, LEDs hidden).

An improvement would be to have the SD card closer to the edge so you reach it, or have the LEDs on the same side as the SD card.

It IS a good product overall. It could be even better with those minor changes. (Posted on 1/20/2023)
Great price.Review by Ian Wiskow
Great video and durability. Runs really hot. Need to ensure it’s not plugged in for long without airflow.
(Posted on 9/21/2020)
Great DVR VTXReview by Gilberto Russell
I'm quite happy with the AKK FX3 Ultimate DVR VTX. I haven't had any troubles with it yet (have it in almost all my quads). (Posted on 8/20/2020)
Almost perfectReview by Vital Potter
1000mW vtx with dvr. Great vtx with strong signal and durable (Posted on 6/15/2020)

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