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AKK A5 Camera

AKK A5 FPV AIO camera with vtx separate

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It's perfect having camera and vtx separate in an aio camera, the yellow wire can be cut and connected to an OSD easily. The antenna can put out in a much safer position rather than sticking up and risking getting bent in a crash and the whole quad can be more streamlined and can fit through narrower gaps.

  • Easy to install, plug and play, power by 1S LiPo battery
  • Video out cable can be connect to OSD
  • Super light weight: 4.5g, VTX Size: 19*14mm(L*W), Camera Size: 14*14mm(L*W)
  • Button control instead of switches to change channels,120°view angle camera, good quality image with zero latency.
  • Suitable for Ultra Micro RC FPV Quadcopter and Fiber Frame Kit, designed for all ranges of flying both indoor or outdoor.
Output power: 25mW
Input power: 3.3V–5.0 V 
Current consumption:3.3V-5V, 350mA
Camera resolution: 600TVL
Range: 150m
Video system:NTSC
Mini illumination: 1 lux
Field of view: 120°viewing angle
Antenna: Dipole brass antenna
Frequency: 5.8GHz 5 bands 40 channels, with Raceband: 5725-5875MHz
VTX Size: 19*14mm(L*W)
Camera Size: 14*14mm(L*W)


Customer Reviews (4)

Absolutely perfect for split AIO VTXReview by FPV Outlaw
Love this for most anything I am going to integrate fpv into on a budget. From whips ( ) to whoops ( ) I love it.

Everything checks out on ground and air.
Even running the runcam dvr module ( ) the camera looks great. Have done many mods and never an issue with this one.

Great for tight places and small/light builds.

Easy antenna swap if you got moderate soldering skills. (Posted on 2/24/2019)
Not disappointing meReview by Brantlee
It is 25mW, but soldering looks good, and quick shipping, more than expected (Posted on 9/11/2017)
Awesome cameraReview by JimmiNu
big thanks to akk, awesome product! fresh review will be upload to YT later. (Posted on 9/9/2017)
Testing & ReviewReview by TJ.RC.UK YouTube

Most of these aio cameras now seem to be mainly NTSC which I personally don't see as an issue and here is why....
The main difference is that PAL offers better resolution, while NTSC allows more frame rate, so if you want to have slightly better picture PAL is good, but if you want more fluid footage then NTSC does a better job with a faster smoother frame rate of 30 fps over pal at 25 fps but from what I have learned osd looks slightly better with PAL as resolution is slightly higher but not much in it really as you can see below, for me it's NTSC as it gives you a faster smoother frame rate and most goggles, tv's or editing software can cope with both just fine :)

PAL: 720 x 576 @ 25fps
NTSC: 720 x 480 @ 30fps

The colors are very natural looking with the a5 and it has a good reaction time with changes in light conditions with no latency something which is critical when getting one of these and it had no problems in performing in low light it did not struggle at all which is great. It did manage the maximum range of the car at about 100-120 metres according to google maps distance checker with some break up in signal at times when the car was a distance out as the video shows but not too bad at all for just a 25mw fpv camera and the aerial was laying horizontal in the cockpit of the buggy to. The build quality & soldering is excellent and with it having a dipole aerial this aio camera will definitely be more forgiving than a cloverleaf design in a crash although on this rc buggy it was very well protected due to everything being small enough to put within the confines of the cockpits roll cage and using the top light racks cage to fit the 1s battery on for the camera with velcro so in a roll nothing takes a hit, It's compact design makes it perfect for this type of application, but it can just as easily transfer to a micro or mini quad or plane being so light weight and it also gives a better profile for planes and quads when going through gates or under obstacles etc as the aerial can be positioned horizontally unlike a aio fpv cam with a cloverleaf.

AKK are quite new on the scene but they are selling some great aio fpv cameras at affordable prices much cheaper than it's competitors anyway !, so go check them out if you are getting into fpv or already fly fpv you won't be disappointed:

As a general guideline:

Lens Focal Length Approx. FOV
2.1mm 160° – 170°
2.3mm 145°
2.5mm 130° – 140°

No latency
Good saturation, colors were natural looking
Great exposure so low or bright light was no issue for this
low power usage just 25mw
separate vtx camera for low profile installation on a quad or plane or car :)
Dipole aerial instead of a cloverleaf so less chance of damage to it in a crash
Weight only 4.5g

No seven segment l.e.d display to show channel & band clearly.
Signal power not adjustable ie 25-50-200mw this would have been great for longer range flying or driving :) . (Posted on 9/7/2017)

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