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IryxBRO Team

Since the very beginning of my R|C hobby journey in 2011 started with the hardest part – RC helicopters – I’ve always tried to dig deeper into the essence of every technology involved. Now, apart from creating, building, testing and flying all kinds of R|C models (helis, planes, aerial video copters, FPV racers), my main involvement goes to locating, evaluating and sharing the information about the most interesting and promising products and companies in our hobby. The experience I’ve gained throughout passed years lets me put an emphasis and write about such companies that would introduce the most balanced solutions for any type of R|C flying models. And AKK Tech is definitely one of those…!

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I discovered the world of FPV back in 2012, and have been building, flying and making videos about it almost non-stop since that time.  I started with a wooden Tricopter build, moved onto 450-sized quads, planes and then mini quads.  I pretty much end up putting FPV equipment on anything I can, including little RC crawler cars and even my dog !  Aside from building and reviewing new quads, planes and RC components,  I really enjoy helping to bring people into the hobby through tutorial videos, meet ups and documenting what equipment I use, and exactly how I build models via articles on my blog as well as traditional RC-based magazines.

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Nigel Sheffield

I started in the RC flying hobby in my teens with nitro planes, a trainer, then a sport biplane, followed by a pilon racer. Flew all kinds of planes, helicopters and gliders.Right now fpv racing and freestyle quadcopters is my passion.In particular I love building different types and experimenting with new technology to try to make things better, in quads this means small and light is good but it also needs to be reliable and good quality if I'm going to trust flying my gear with it.Akk technology is a great company producing amazing quality fpv cameras and I use their cameras in all my builds now.Looking forward to seeing what new innovations they produce. 

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