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FPV Antenna Buyer’s Guide – Best FPV Antenna’s of 2017

FPV Antenna Buyer’s Guide – Best FPV Antenna’s of 2017

Interactive CLICK on each row to find the latest price on or*Multi-path rejection is a technology used to minimise multi-path interference,  which occurs when signals emitted by the FPV transmitter antenna to the FPV receiver are distorted by signals emitted by the same FPV antenna that reflect off nearby solid objects, causing visible ‘dropout’ in the audio/video signal. **An axial ratio closer to one helps to minimise multi-path interference levels.

Looking for the best 5.8ghz antenna for FPV? Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade you’re stock antenna for a circular polarised antenna to help prevent visible ‘dropouts’ due to multi-path signal interference? Use our table above to compare data for the latest circular polarised antennas and use our sortable table below to rank antenna’s by your chosen parameter.


Best antenna for FPV racing: TBS Triumph

The ‘Triumph’ antenna from Team BlackSheep was designed by IBCrazy (the mastermind behind video aerial systems) with the specific goal of ultimate noise and reflection rejection for FPV racing. For the ‘Triumph’, IBCrazy perfected a unique antenna design, protected from trees (or other objects) with a special foam-filled and ultrasonic welded enclosure, finishing off with a double-jacket semi-rigid cable and tin-plated connectors. In a video review byRCSchim, the TBS Triumph outperforms other antennas when flying past a large building – a situation that creates noise and multi path interference for the other antennas. Watch the video review below to see the difference for yourself!

Best antenna for new FPV pilots: AKK M2

AKK is an FPV drone parts maker whose FPV video transmitter was chosen for the record breaking 152mph VX1 FPV drone (full details HERE) and they also make circular polarised antennas. Unlike the Pagoda antenna, the M2 antenna set from AKK uses a conventional circular polarised antenna design with a strong protective shell, allowing the M2 to withstand repeated crashes. Whats more, at 11g the M2 remains lightweight despite the protective shell. FPV signal performance is equivalent to similarly priced alternative’s. Altogether, this is a great antenna for FPV drone racing newcomers who need that extra crash protection at a reasonable cost.