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A great, good value Video Transmitter AKK X1!!!

  • As you may know by now, we like products for a low price that work well, especially video transmitters. We have done previous reviews on the cheapest video transmitters you can buy, and the most expensive.This one is definitely on the more inexpensive side, but it is still under 20 pounds, making it very affordable.This is hands down, the best video transmitter we have used for under 20 pounds.

    First Impressions

    This video transmitter was packed well, and the instructions were clear enough. From the get go, we knew that this would be a quality product, as it came with… silicone wires! Silicone wires are just so much better than any other type of wire used on drones. They are so much easier to solder. The VTX also came with a standard linear dipole antenna, and the video transmitter is also a really good size. It was a great size for fitting in any build, even as small as a 3 inch build. It comes with an RP-SMA connector soldered to the top, however, due to the placement, it wouldn’t be very difficult to solder a pig tail onto it. There is also an option to buy the same video transmitter with the pigtail pre-installed, but this is a bit more expensive.


    • Video Format: NTSC/PAL
    • Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
    • Output Power: 25mw: 12,13,14 dBm
    • 200mw: 22, 23,24 dBm
    • 600mw: 26,27,28 dBm
    • Frequency range: 5645-5945MHz
    • Antenna connector: RP-SMA connector
    • Operating Voltage: 7-24 V
    • Supply Current: 25mw: 100 mA
    • 200mw: 200 mA
    • 600mw: 280 mA
    • Operating Temperature : -10 +85 C
    • Video Band Width: 0-18 MHz
    • Audio carrier Frequency: 6.5 MHz
    • Video Input Level: 0.8,1.0,1.2 Vp-p
    • Video Input Impedance: 75 Ohm
    • Audio Input Level: 1.0 Vp-p
    • Audio Input Impedance: 10K Ohm
    • Dimension: 28.5X20X8mm


    The installation is really easy. The input voltage is from 7 – 24 volts, so it can run straight off v-bat connections. However, it does not have a BEC to power a camera, but this is what gives it its small size. It has no internal microphone, however it has an input for a microphone.


    This VTX performed flawlessly. It was extremely easy to use, and the 7 segment display is really bright, and clear as to whether you are changing the power, the band or the channel. Another small thing, is that the button to change all of the settings is large, and easy to press, which makes the usability of the product that much easier. The 25 – 600mw adjustable power also means you can get good rangeon 600mw, fly with friends easily on 200mw, and then enter races with 25mw. The best thing about this VTX, is the clean video. Even when it was running on V-Bat, the signal was extremely clean, with no back emf, or any kind of interference in the video signal, which is impressive. Especially for a mid priced VTX like this one. It doesn’t have the functionality of a TBS unify pro, or an Immersion RC tramp, but you wouldn’t expect a VTX in this price range to have features such as smart audio.


    Overall, this product is amazing. We have had no problems with it so far, the silicone wires, and switchable power capabilities are brilliant. The input voltage of 7 – 24 volts also makes it extremely versatile, and we would strongly recommend this product to anyone looking for a good, reasonably priced video transmitter.