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Akk Technology Statements About Marketing Channels And Product Packaging

Published: August 1, 2017.

Recently we were told by our customers that a lot of products with AKK’s brand were seen in many shopping platforms. But the their promotion prices are even more expensive than the original prices in with the other things, we have the make the following statements.

1. AKK Technology is applying for the official EBAY store. All the AKK products sold on EBAY now are more expensive than the AKK official website, these items are sold by other merchants, not AKK Technology. They buy the relevant products from AKK’s stores within several minutes once you place the order in their EBAY store.

2. The AKK Europe Amazon is uploading products and handling other things, it will be opened soon, Please be patient . The approval examine and verify of Europe Amazon is the most rigorous on this planet , cost us several months, apologized for the European customers, and give thanks and honor to the Europe Amazon.  

3. We advise transactions at,or at the official stores link from AKK Technology DO NOT have any stores on the platform Tmart. Please don't buy products named AKK from there.

4. Product packaging and product batch maybe be different between the official website and the distributors’ store. The product packaging that we give to our customers e.g. wholesale merchants & dealers is simple. Maybe some products do not have the AKK symbol which engraved on the product. However the products both in and our dealers are the same.

The official website’s product paceaging will have more exquisite, but the prices of all products will still be kept at the lowest level in the FPV field! It is a no brainer and no worries. If the distributor is nearby to you, you can buy from there.

5. AKK will will launch new products on a regular basis, if you find other brand’s products are cheaper than AKK' items with the same attribute and performance, please do tell us, appropriate rewards will be sent.

6. Please fill in your phone number when you place an order.