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AKK XT60 Parallel Charging Board

AKK XT60 Parallel Charging Board/Charge Plate for 3S 4S Lipo Battery with Voltage LED Display/Banana Plug Input

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    • Supports up to 4 same battery packs charging simultaneously (3S or 4S lipo)
    • LED Display to show total voltage and the voltage of each battery cyclically
    • High-quality AMASS XT60 connectors; replaceable 30A fuse between any two ports; thicken PCB copper foil provide a 20A safe charging current
    • Compatible with most balance charger that with banana port


    Compatible battery types: 3S/4S Lipo

    Maximum charging current: 20A

    Fuse: 30A fuse×3 (replaceable)

    No-load current: 17mA-22mA

    Input connector: banana plug

    Output connector: XT60

    Board size: 8*5cm

    Weight: 65g

    Cable length: banana plug cable: 17cm

                           5 pin cable: 15cm


    Voltage display instructions:

    It will display a total voltage firstly;then display average voltage of single cell in a 3 seconds cycle ("OC1"=the 1st cell; "OC2"= the 2nd cell...)   


    1. Only supports charging the same type of battery at the same time(3S/4S Lipo)

    2. Please keep it in a safe place to prevent short circuits

    Package Includes: 

    1x AKK XT60 Parallel Charging Board


    Customer Reviews (2)

    not badReview by Sam
    Quality is good, doesn't feel cheap and nasty. Layout is compact, without being too crowded. The LED voltage display is completely useless - out by 0.1V when displaying total capacity and 0.05-0.08V on the per cell display. I'm sure this comes down to resistor tolerances in the measurement circuits, I took the foam padding off to see if there were trimpots to calibrate but there is not... (Posted on 4/8/2018)
    Parallel board with some nice featuresReview by Gorazd
    You will need charger for this one, and this one requires that you charge batteries with the same capacity and cell count as all of the similar boards on the market.
    But, as allways with AKK, they have added something that other boards do not have. First are the fuses between all XT60 connectors. Why is that needed? Well, some hobbysts (like myself) often solder their battery connectors by themselves. and if at some occasion someone reversed polarity...that is where fuse comes in, it will prevent short circuits and battery damage or fire. Excellent safety issue.

    Second is small LED display, which displays voltage for every cell and total voltage of the battery.
    (Posted on 4/4/2018)

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