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LitisRC Cicada 180 Racing Drone PNP Version

LitisRC Cicada 180 Racing Drone
Basic version 109$, extra 20$ for DHL shipping. 129$ in total
Advanced version 129$, extra 20$ for DHL shipping, 149$ in total
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  • Strong power system and incredible fast and nimble response speed
  • Specialized plastic cover protect easy damaged parts like motor, camera and ESC, the comprehensive protection can guarantee you a secure flight

  • Mainstream FC is used, and users can reset parameters, firmwares like Betaflight and Cleanflight can be flashed to upgrade.

TIPS: The basic version of Cicada 180 only support 3S Lipo battery!


Customer Reviews (2)

WOW!! AND I MEAN IT!! KIllR KwAd!!!Review by Turbo
This little 180 is THE BOMB!!! And WHAT A BARGAIN!! I mean tell me WHERE are you going to get of find a 180 size or 4” prop quad for this kind of cash? SERIOUSLY!!!?? I’ve seen and even purchased “Micros” like 90mm and 100mm BNF;s that had a price tag more than this guy and the advanced version is rocking 1407 MOTORS!! And a F4 Omnibus FC what more could you ask for or want for if purchasing the basic version $100 and yeah that;s $120 shipped DHL and I payed the fast ship rate $20 and my advanced version made it here in the middle of the US in FIVE DAYS YES FIVE DAYS!! And I have purchased the faster DHL even shipping before from some other places in China and YET TO SEE FIVE DAY DELIVERY FROM CHINA!!! FOR SURE!! AMAZING!! AKKTEK has MANY items at a HUGE savings indeed and this Cicada 180 advanced version is an awesome flyer to say the LEAST!!! The stock props work very well, but tri-blades make the thing a handling dream and so locked in and just a pretty decent tune on it as it comes! For I hear they did not SUPER TIGHT TUNE IT! They left a little to be desired for each person as so you may taylor it as you like but I havent changed a thing, for I purchased it for my son as an entry level FPV got him the goggles radio the works he has flown LOS for quite some time now but has not took the FPV PLUNGE!! Yeah I know I’m a bad influence and gonna have my boy addicted to KWADS as I am hahahaha!! BUT HEY THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!!! Hehe! He has only seen it fly and has not had a chance to come home and try it out, I am hoping this weekend he can for he is going to love this kwad and LOVE FPV I just know it!! I can’t say enough good about this quadcopter the price point and value is totally amazing it flies as well as anything I have or fly and was pretty simple to set up the ARF version as I put the RX in it, and if I would;ve received the radio I ordered him by now would have set it up SBUS probably or DSM, but I also ordered it from China and it is a multiprotocol I figure that way he can get whatever BNF he would like that way, but I set it up IBUS which the advanced version does support but basic version does not....It was a bit unclear how to connect IBUS on the advanced version for the quick start guide seems directed more for the basic version there are some details of the advanced version as well but you sort of have to know what you are looking at a noob or first quad person might have a bit of trouble veering off from the SBUS or PPM set up for I already knew that IBUS could be connected to DSM signal pad and just set up the configurator to serial RX and IBUS and it will work if the board supports IBUS, of course you have to run your 5v from somewhere else for beside the DSM signal pad is 3.3v of course so I used my multi meter and checked some places and found a good 5v supply and simply used the ground pin of the PPM/SBUS port at the rear of the quad as where you MUST connect the basic version, as ground is ground is ground but I was unsure if the 5v pin there would be putting out 5v as I was not selecting it as a UART and so reason I took the 5v from a random place on the FC. But all in all very easy to set up, need to set up your switches and beeper if you would like them to I work as intended and I also made a arming switch instead of stick arming and a lost models beeper switch, it did come with Angle, Horizon, and air modes on aux 5 all I had to do was bind and install RX configure arming and beeper switch and set up my OSD OH and I also did change the LED/s in the rear hehe! Gave the boy a Larson scanner and some orientation signal lights along with arm state and throttle position for fun!! THIS IS AN AWESOME KWAD AND SUPER VALUE!! IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT IT.....BUY THIS!! EVERY KWAD ADDICT NEEDS ONE AT THIS PRICE!! I think I will order another for myself once my son has taken his from me hahaha!!! Thanks hope this helps!!! Here is my full review and demo/set up video if you would like to see it in action!! It is wicked awesome killR!!!! Thanks- Turbo Reviews. VIDEO LINK—————— If that does not work this should both should!!—————-
Have a nice day!! (Posted on 3/28/2018)
Great little flyer!Review by P074RB34R
Ive only flown with stock props and pids... but, it seems a little jerky in recovering from spins and rotations... I know the Bi blade props are giving it a smooth and mellow feel, and it has some oomph! 4S rocks as well! next are some DYS 3045's and maybe some FuriousFPV 3054-4 on 4S? Ooohhh Yea Baby! but I first got to figure out this jerkyness in rotations... (Posted on 2/7/2018)

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