This VTX performed flawlessly. It was extremely easy to use, and the 7 segment display is really bright, and clear as to whether you are changing the power, the band or the channel. Another small thing, is that the button to change all of the settings is large, and easy to press, which makes the usability of the product that much easier. The 25 – 600mw adjustable power also means you can get good rangeon 600mw, fly with friends easily on 200mw, and then enter races with 25mw. The best thing about this VTX, is the clean video. Even when it was running on V-Bat, the signal was extremely clean, with no back emf, or any kind of interference in the video signal, which is impressive. Especially for a mid priced VTX like this one. It doesn’t have the functionality of a TBS unify pro, or an Immersion RC tramp, but you wouldn’t expect a VTX in this price range to have features such as smart audio.

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