Which Smartaudio Version does AKK VTX use?

After Bataflight4.1 released, Smartaudio and Tramp protocols need to be configured before using. What you need to know is that AKK VTX uses TBS Smartaudio 2.0, which is the most popular Smartaudio protocol version.


Daily Operation Details

1.Select TBS Smartaudio 2.0.

smartaudio 2.0


2.Then let go to the Video Transmittor Part. Click the place to get the Smartaudio for AKK VTX

vtx table


3.Down loan the Smartaudio 2.0 version and then go back to the Video Transmitter Page. Load from the file of Smartaudio and use it on the Betaflight.

smartaudio 2.0.1


Notes: Most VTX connect to FC TX3 and do the right setting on Betaflight UART 3. Only few connect to TX1 or TX4, please combine your FC user manual to figure out what happens

Frequence Setting

AKK VTX with Smart audio nearly all has 5 bands 37 channels. Just keep the frequency as the picture attached.

akk frequence


Power level Number

Here we must understand how many power levels your AKK VTX has.

AKK X2-Ultimate VTX has four power levels while AKK Race VTX only has two, so we should choose 2 for Race VTX or 4 for AKK X2-Ultimate VTX. You can find the power level number on the product manual too.

Value and Value Label

The most troublesome is the value and value label. Take it easy!

If your AKK VTX has 2 power levels, pls set it 0,1as the value. And the label should match the power output. Like the Race VTX, the power output is 25mW, 200mW, so just fill them on the value label.

If your AKK VTX has 4 power level, set it 0,1,2,3 as the value and the label should match the power output too. Like the Race Ranger, the power output is 200mW, 600mW,1200mW, and 1600mW, fill them on the value label too.

If you want to learn more about Betaflight 4.1 or AKK VTX Table, please search “AKK VTX Table” or “Betaflight4.1” on Youtube.